Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oak Log/Shitake mushroom growing

Deciding to grow my own Shitake mushrooms turned out to be a little bit trickier than anticipated. I  had the chance to take a class offered at "The Farm" in Summertown this past fall to try and grow Shitake mushrooms for my miso soups or to sell to local consumers.  Heck, just finding the place was challenging.  After a day's class with instructor Frank Michael, an inexpensive purchase of Shitake spawn pegs, cheese wax and a few daubers, I was ready to start innoculating.  Finding the right, freshly felled oak logs was my next challenge.  
After contacting a few local arborists, to find just the right size and diameter I will be ready to start drilling and plugging.  Whoopee, I can hardly wait!  Check back for the next step.

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