Friday, December 26, 2008

Bill Moyers Talks Agriculture

For those unfamiliar with Michael Pollan and his progressive views on our agriculture system, this interview is an amazing way to update your "food" knowledge to current status. Pollan does a great job at addressing an outdated agricultural system which is based off of government subsidies and cheap fossil fuels. The result is a gluttony of unsustainable growing practices, billions in farm subsidies, lowering of food's nutritional value, and cheap processed foods.
He's very clear with his belief that certain adjustments in our food system can help in our fight to reduce foreign oil dependancy, boost our nation's health care, and reduce unemployment. I believe advocates like Pollan will continue to spread the word and alter how the American people understand food production and purchasing. Locally grown produce is becoming incredibly popular through CSA programs and farmers markets. And for good reason. It's time to get back to a point in our history where we knew how and where our food is grown. Supporting local farms are a great way to keep more money in our local economy while at the same time reducing your carbon footprint. Its a win-win which I know will continue to spread like wildfire across our country.

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