Sunday, January 11, 2009

Story of Stuff

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A friend of mine recently told me about this little movie found on the internet that is a quick look into our current commerce situation. Upon finishing the film, I admit I wasn't completely shocked at some of the main issues being discussed. I had heard "snippits" of similar information in my time, however, I must say I had never heard them all laid out in such a simple fashion. Simply put, our world is operating on a broken system. We are obviously witnessing the breakdown right before our very eyes in this country with all the bailouts, credit implosions, and environmental issues. Clips like these are gaining greater attention as light begins to dawn on the people of this world. Unfortunately, the issues discussed in the film are quite magnanimous and, like large giants, take time to change direction. The first step is always to enlighten, the next is to begin taking steps in the right direction, no matter how small. As a business owner and inhabitant of our one planet, I know I must find ways of continually lessening both my environmental impact as well as that of my customer who is inherently my "consumer." My livelihood depends on my commerce counterpart for whom I will be forever grateful. My ultimate hope is that Gardens of Babylon can make an honest future teaching our community the importance of organic growing and sustainable landscape practices, no matter their "budget." Rest assured, I will do my best, but for now, enjoy the show.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lawn Mowers of the Stone Age

Many people are unaware of the pollution caused by the common mower. The truth is many mowers are still in the stone age. There has been very little regulation when it comes the small engines. This oversight has cost us dearly. One mower running for an hour produces as much CO2 and chemical emissions as 40 cars on the road. A bit disturbing, I will agree.

This is a great site that lays out the harmful effects of inefficient mowers on the environment.