Friday, March 7, 2008

Bring on the Rain!

Being in the horticultural industry, part of our livelihood depends on the ebb and flow of mother nature. Last year was a rough one for many in the green industry, from growers ( food or flower ), to retailers, to landscapers, and even your home gardener. Despite the freak spring freeze followed by a severe drought across the Southeast, I believe there still remains a few patches of bright side growing somewhere around us. Those patches, which I will appropriately name "appreciation for our resources", are sprouting up more and more it seems. Whether locally or nationally, our weather patterns along with other environmental occurrences have begun to promote a greater sense of appreciation for our resources. This, I believe, cannot help but bring a greater sense of responsibility and attention, which in the long run may just be little dose of some good medicine. However, these troubles which are being experienced by workers in the green industry can be extremely tough to stomach. From scorched crops to dead Japanese Maples, anyone whose livelihood and/ or hobby depends on natural elements has been distraught given the recent weather patterns. Despite these hard times, however, I remain one of those optimists which notices the bright ray of sunshine further down our path. These little wake up calls will inadvertently help to promote a greater desire for change. New products and techniques will emerge and become embraced as we as a people become a little bit more appreciative of the corn that continues to grow or the water to flow.
Although the details of change can often be slow and arduous, I will currently forgo any personal opinions and will end simply with a formal thank you to the rain which falls outside my kitchen window.

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